WPRK, The Voice of Rollins College

Giving Day is your opportunity to support the best in basement radio, WPRK 91.5 FM.

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Your gift to WPRK will fund initiatives that help our student-run station operate, including:

Fiber Connection: Eliminating the need for our microwave antenna

Upgrading Computer Systems and Rivendell: Ensuring our music logs retain all content and underwriting messages play when they are intended.

Biweekly Student Training: This training helps Rollins students learn critical technology to help further their future careers

Tower Rental: Each year this essential expense increases.

Backup Transmitter: Reducing time off air


Chris Russo. Rollins College. Photos: Scott Cook. Sirius XM

Radio Hall of Famer and former WPRK DJ, Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo has committed to donating $2,500 if we receive 70 donations on Giving Day, February 14th. Help us achieve this milestone and donate to WPRK on Giving Day

WPRK now has an app available for download on Apple and Android! Features include easy access to streaming 91.5, listening to podcasts, and joining our membership program.

Collaged (and color-coded) w/ posters, CDs, and other items sent by artists, promoters, and events in the past, check out our new station office in its final form!
Finally, the Basement of KWR feels like home.

Our lobby is a place where all music lovers and creatives come together and hangout throughout the day! 
Make sure to stop by and visit us!

Check out our groovy DJ Booth!
Wanna sit in this chair and host your own show? Apply here!


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