August Burns Red Brings Their 10 Year “Rescue and Restore” Tour to Orlando

Written by on November 21, 2023

By: Nicole Hayek

August Burns Red consisting of Jake Lurs, JB Burbaker, Brent Rambler, Matt Griener, and Dustin Davidson took the stage last Saturday at the House of Blues to perform the entirety of “Rescue and Restore” for its 10 year anniversary. Playing through the whole album and more, August Burns Red commanded the stage with their electrifying stage presence.

A pitch black stage as a U starts to illuminate, initiating the anticipating crowd that screamed with excitement for what’s to come. Opening with “Provision” a incredibly dramatic yet perfect introduction for this insanely energetic band. Between vocalist Jake Lurs, bassist Dustin Davidson, guitarists JB Burbaker and Brent Rambler all of them completely command the front half of the stage. All while their commanding the front, their electric drummer Matt Griener is a complete delight to watch play as you can tell he’s having as much fun playing as the crowd is having watching him.

Watching them play through “Rescue and Restore” with the amount of fun they have on stage playing, it is no wonder why August Burns Red has had the longevity that some bands can only wish for. A pleasant surprise, after completing playing through the album they did not just wrap it up there they continued with a five song encore. That encore included an incredibly theatrical rendition of “Carol of the Bells”, between the substantial amount of enthusiastic crowd surfers, the large mosh pit and the amount of head banging seen across the crowd made it such a fun addition to the rest of the set.

An incredible night, August Burns Red is a band definitely worth seeing, especially on the remainder of this tour. With Killer openers Crystal Lake, Brand of Sacrifice and Spite, August Burns Red are on the “Rescue and Restore” tour until wrapping it up in Cincinnati on December 6th.

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