The Devil Wears Prada Makes an Exhilarating Return to Orlando

Written by on February 7, 2024

By: Nicole Hayek

The Metalcore Dropouts Tour: 2nd Semester consisting of Avoid, Counterparts, Fit For A King and The Devil Wears Prada took place last Sunday at the House of Blues in Orlando to an absolutely ecstatic crowd. Instantly as The Devil Wears Prada arrived on stage the energy from the crowd was instantly reciprocated from the band. They opened with the track “Exhibition” which is a track that seemed to be a perfect set opener, incredibly dramatic with these powerful vocals, it truly set the tone for the rest of the night. I’ve been familiar with The Devil Wears Prada’s music for quite a bit, but I truly had no clue what their stage presence would be like, and I am glad I had no idea; I was truly blown away. Switching sides of the stage faster than you can blink, dancing on the platform, constant interactions with fans it’s no wonder how this band has maintained their timelessness. The amount of consistent energy this band has is absolutely wild, seeing them run across the stage truly had the same feeling as the crowd did, the feeling of pure joy.

From start to finish, the crowd maintained the countless mosh pits, crowd surfers, and amazing liveliness throughout Prada’s set and it’s no wonder why. Tracks ranging from ones off of their most recent release, all the way back to their first album, the crowd was screaming every single word. They wrapped up their set with “Hey John, What’s Your Name Again?” a fan favorite, which perfectly wrapped up this wonderful lineup and an incredible set, like a nicely tied bow. Metalcore Dropouts: Semester 2, is about halfway done, with the tour wrapping up in Minneapolis, MN on February 24th. If you get a chance to, go check out this tour and its definitely recommended to go see The Devil Wears Prada; This band is amazing.

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