Fox Fest 2021

Fox Fest 2021 – A MOVIE

photo by: goodjobjoss

Fox Fest is WPRK’s annual festival that takes place every fall at Rollins, usually in November during parent’s weekend. The student staff organizes a concert of about 3-4 acts of multiple genres, fitting for everyone, sometimes local artists, other times student talent, and it’s free for Rollins students. After a two-year haitus, we were happy to host Fox Fest 2021 on Saturday, Nov 6th from 6-10 pm, held on Bush Lawn at Rollins College. Headlining was rising sensation and local hip hop group, seeyousoon, preceded by our other wonderful acts, Rollins alumnus and pop artist, Jad Saad, local rapper and WPRK’s very own 2020-2022 production director, Admk, and jazz ensemble and musical group of Rollins students, The Outer Wave. With Fox Fest, WPRK’s mission is to uplift emerging artists and share their craft to the Rollins and Greater Orlando community.

The live performances, as well as food trucks and vendors from supporting on and off-campus organizations are usually held outside for more space. Tables are spread out available for audience members to visit and indulge in – this year our vendors were KOS coffee, Rollins Dining Services, and Sausage Shack. We also had merch tables of our very own set up and student organizations camping out when doors opened! Sometimes we organize art projects for WPRK-lovers to make their mark on, like painting a canvas, or signing an instrument, then we display it somewhere in the station to remember that time – this year, people could leave their fingerprint on a guitar.

photo by: goodjobjoss

Much love to these electrifying artists!

photo by: olivia camacho

Admk, supported by The Outer Wave, were the first acts to hit our stage, with jazzy and r&b sets. seeyousoon closed our night with a lively performance that kept the crowd jumping from start to finish.

Jad Saad pre-headlined our concert with energetic moves and crowd-pumping tracks.

photo by: olivia camacho
photo by: goodjobjoss

We appreciate all the hands and minds that helped make this night of good music, food, community & smiles return after 2 years. Til next time!

poster by: jaianne gilkey ‘22


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