A Dialogue With Voice

Information and topics concerning areas of interest to those in our community, aged 55+. We’re talking all things senior!


Conversations With The President

Rollins President Grant Cornwell joins WPRK semi-annually to discuss Rollins and the liberal arts. Hosted by WPRK’s General Manager, Greg Golden.


Freudian Quips

Freudian Quips is a podcast dedicated to promoting mental health awareness by examining popular culture and global current events. Hosted by Dr. Sanabria and Dr. Paladino.


Twin Nicks

Two dudes talking about their favorite television shows, movies, video games and any other important aspects of pop culture. Sometimes they talk about Twin Peaks. Tune in…


To A Certain Degree

TaCD is a weekly interview show that is broadcast at 7am on Monday mornings. The show consists of a few set segments, including 20 questions, Bad Business Ideas, and a pop quiz.


Sittin’ Atop a Pile of Poop

Everybody has to deal with poop… why not talk (and laugh!) about it on the air with DJ LeahLove?
The show is called Sittin’ Atop A Pile of Poop… And The View Is Spectacular! Catch it on Thursdays at 9 am.

Original Content coming soon!


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