Movements Makes Their Long Awaited Return to Tampa on the Ruckus Tour

By Nicole Hayek

California based band Movements, consisting of Patrick Miranda, Ira George, Spencer York and Adam Cressy, took the stage last Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Performing a total of 18 songs, from start to finish the energy in the crowd and onstage was indescribable. 

The stage was completely dark when they began with the song “You’re One of Us Now” from their new album, the crowd reacted immediately like the song had been a long term classic. Following it up was one of the first singles of the album, “Lead Pipe”. The energy on stage was electric, and was definitely felt by the crowd as they were screaming the lyrics at a volume I did not know was possible. “Colorblind” , a fan favorite, screamed at the top of everyone’s lungs in the crowd, and the band’s energy was absolutely incredible. 

Throughout the night, their well-crafted setlist consisted of tracks from their new album “Ruckus”, fan-favorites, and tracks from their 2017 album “Feel Something”. You could tell by the reactions to these songs, the time that was put into this setlist was definitely not overlooked by the crowd. Especially for the addition of the song “Dance With Death”, which was not on the original setlist, was a pleasant surprise for the crowd that night. 

A little over halfway through the set, the song “Fever Dream” was played in which Patrick was only accompanied by their lead guitarist Ira, in playing the incredibly sad song acoustically. Throughout the crowd, there was a huge energy shift as the crowd practically fell silent, just wanting to hear Patrick’s voice with only certain parts of the crowd singing along.  

Following “Fever Dream”, they played the track “Killing Time” which was a stark contrast to the previous song on stage. Almost like nothing happened, fans wiped off their tears and picked the energy back up almost immediately which had to be felt by the band as well, as their energy also was at an all time high during this point in the set. 

A perfect close to the whole night, the final song that was played was the song “Daylily”. A song that live somehow feels like a massive group hug between the stage and the crowd. All singing with each other “I think it’s time you had a pink cloud summer” echoed through the just over a thousand people in attendance that night. A very emotional track for sure, as it felt like you were screaming the lyrics on a long ride home with your friends, except instead of your friends it was being in a room with a thousand strangers. 

An unforgettable night, Movements is an incredible band that I would definitely recommend seeing live. They are currently on the Ruckus Tour with Mannequin P—-, Softcult and Heart to Gold until they wrap up the end of their tour in Anaheim October 15th.


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