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Episode 35: The Doctors are In … Again

Join the docs for a full episode of Doctors’ Notes where we tackle three listener’s queries. Topics span with one’s relationship with food, identity, trust, assertive communication in relationships, and find out our answer to the question, “How do I get my partner to tell me how many people s/he has slept with?” Listen in…
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Episode 34: The Psychology of Politics

We are not here to Poli“tic” you off, we are here to discuss how psychology converges with the political mind. Learn about why we have strong emotions connected with whom we support, how our morals connect to all of this, and of course what neuroscience and brain studies are indicating.

Episode 33: Spooky Halloween Special

So … We’re not sure we can really label this episode “special” or “spooky,” but you will hear the docs having fun diving into Halloween and fear. And boy-o-boy is Dr. P afraid of everything horror, especially the meatball pizza scene from “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”  

Freudian Quips Episode 32: Highly Sensitive People

Listen in as the Docs interview Dr. Tom Murray (Director of Counseling and Testing Services – NC School of the Arts) on the topic of Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Dr. Murray talks about the trait, the positive features of HSPs and so much more! Learn more about Dr. Murray at www.triadsexpert.com/  

Freudian Quips Episode 31: Loving Yourself – A Mastery of Masturbation

“What’s love got to do, got to do with it? What’s love but a second HAND eMOTION.” Tune in or on whilst the Docs talk about masturbation and you.

Freudian Quips Episode 30: Homecoming Kings

WE ARE BACK! Listen in as the Docs review the summer, introduce season 2 and talk about everything they missed about you. They missed you so much… but in a very professional way.  

Rollins President Grant Cornwell interviewed September, 2016

Rollins President Grant Cornwell talks about the incoming first-year class, his tour to share the college’s vision with alumni nationwide, and the integration of a refugee family into the campus community.  

Freudian Quips Episode 29: Defense Mechanisms And You

In this episode, the Docs get defensive … really defensive! Listen in as we talk about what defense mechanisms are, how they keep us from facing our realities and how to know if your defense mechanisms are actually mature.  

Freudian Quips Episode 28: Other People’s People Film

Join us as FQ interviews the producers of the masterfully provocative short film, Other people’s People, about love and infidelity. Hear how the producers came up with their inspirations for their characters and story.  

Freudian Quips Episode 27: Sex Addiction

Ever wonder how much is too much? Find out as FQ talks with Faith Niece Koch, an associate sex addictions therapist, about sexual addition.