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Category: Freudian Quips

Freudian Quips Episode 20: Empathy – Movies That Move You

The Docs love movies! The Docs love empathy! So why not put them together. Listen in as FQ discusses how the movies we connect with can assist our empathetic development. Also, the Docs discuss some of their favorites.  

Freudian Quips Episode 19: So You Want To Be A Therapist

So you want to be a counselor? Well, great! Listen in as FQ takes you through their stories on their roads to becoming counselors and talk about what it takes to enter and be successful in this profession.  

Freudian Quips Episode 18: New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year from FQ! In this episode the Docs talk about New Year’s Resolutions and if they can actually impact your life. You want to hear this one and if you miss it, just make a resolution for next year to catch up on all episodes.  

Freudian Quips Episode 17: Eating Disorders

FQ sits down with Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, and Rollins College Alum, Marnie Davis for a meaningful discussion on the topics of disordered eating and eating disorders. Don’t know the difference? Listen in to learn more.  

Freudian Quips Episode 16: Dissociative Identity Disorder

Check out FQ and special guest Jamie Pollack, Founder and Director of “An Infinite Mind” (http://aninfinitemind.com), as they discuss Dissociative Identity Disorder and the 6th Annual “Healing Together Conference.”  

Freudian Quips Episode 15: Neurofeedback

Check out FQ and special guest Josh Magro as they discuss the use of neurofeedback in treating social anxiety.  

Freudian Quips Episode 14: The Social Stigma Of HIV

Listen as FQ discuss the mental and social health issues of living with HIV.  

Freudian Quips Episode 13: The Healthy Mind

Listen while Freudian Quips discuss the seven ways to a healthier mind.  

Freudian Quips Episode 12: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Don’t miss Freudian Quips as they talk about sex…baby!    

Freudian Quips Episode 11: Empathy

Freudian Quips discusses developing empathy and why it is important for our mental health.