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Series: Conscious Realm

Senators and Shakespeare

Listen to Olivia and our guest ranter, Katie, complain about popular Democrats and invalidate Shakespeare. We dive deep into why Dianne Feinstein is problematic and whether or not Shakespeare really was all that he seemed. Tune in to find out! Twitter: twitter.com/llaniolivia twitter.com/hannieb98 twitter.com/bigfatbossbaby For questions, comments, concerns or inquiries email wprkpodcasts@gmail.com!

Avengers and Aliens

We’re baaaack! After a brief Holiday intermission, Devorah and Olivia are back with an episode about why it’s worth considering that aliens played a role in the building of the Great Pyramids. Tune in and let us know what you think!

The Titanic

This week Devorah and Olivia dive into whether or not the story of the Titanic is all that it seems. Tune in to find out!   Stalk our twitters: Olivia: @llaniolivia Devorah: @hannieb98 Contact our podcast department at wprkpodcasts@gmail.com