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WPRK Membership

As a non-profit, commercial-free radio station, WPRK is fueled entirely by the support of listeners and Rollins College. WPRK has been on the FM channel for over 64 years, and as a non-profit station, WPRK’s independent programming has been able to reflect the needs and desires of the community.

Your contribution supports not only the local radio that you love, but a truly hands-on learning lab for Rollins College students from across the country and around the world. The students who make up the WPRK staff learn about much more than broadcast journalism. Our student DJs and station directors learn audio engineering, marketing, programming, event planning, and non-profit management.

WPRK is the largest campus organization at Rollins College, and there is truly no other radio station like it in Florida. Listeners around the world tune in through our internet stream, and every hour of programming is unique and unlike anything else on the air.

Your generosity is helping to secure the future of WPRK and of non-commercial radio in Central Florida, and your membership comes with an ever-growing list of benefits.