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YET there is STILL space for YOU!

We are always looking for Volunteers to come in and be apart of the festivities!

Some easy ways to get started are with our:

  • Music Department
  • Productions Department

DJs are obviously one of our most sought out positions and here’s how you can possibly become one!

  1. Fill out our DJ Application and email it to the address listed on the application

Then just chill and wait to hear a response back from us!

On the DJ Application you will see that our DJs are a pretty diverse group! We have DJs that are Students/Faculty of Rollins College, Alumni of Rollins College and WPRK, and other AWESOME community members that live all over Orlando!

We love to give our DJs as much freedom as we can to make their mark on the world and bring in amazing listeners! With that freedom we have had the wonderful benefit of hosting all sorts of genres over the air!

Country, Rap, Indie Pop, Talk Shows, and More are all home to WPRK!

Make your mark with us today!

WPRK is completely student run here at Rollins College!

(Even most of our General Managers were once student directors and staff members!)

If you are a student however here are some cool positions and times to look our for:

Student Directors:

  • Our Station Manager, Music Director, Programming Director, Promotions Director, Business Director, Marking Director, and Productions Director are all chosen at the end of our academic year here at Rollins. Look out for our job emails around late March to early April!

Student Assistant Directors:

  • Our Assistant Station Manger, Music Director Assistant, Logistics Assistant, Promotions Assistant, and Business Assistant are all chosen at the beginning of the following academic year here at Rollins. Look out for our job emails around late August to Early September!

Intern Positions:

  • Outreach Chair, Marketing Assistant, Productions Assistant Manager (For Recording Studio), and etc are chosen at the beginning of each roll over period here at Rollins. This include the end of the Summer, the end of Fall Semester, and the end of the Spring Semester.

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