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You will be supporting a community minded, student-run radio station that plays local & independent music. WPRK showcases talented DJ’s to a local and global audience both online, and over the airwaves. We provide students and the Orlando & Winter Park community an opportunity to explore their creativity and acquire skills that can applied to any vocation.

Your donations will aid in WPRK student scholarships and the purchase of upgraded equipment.

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  1. Neerala Tiwary
    Neerala Tiwary at · Reply


    My name is Neerala, and I am contacting you on behalf of Basant’s Fight for Rare Cancer Awareness, Inc. My brother, Basant Tiwary, was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Blue Cell Tumor in November 2011. It is a rare and aggressive childhood cancer that he battled for almost three years. Unfortunately, he passed away on October 4, 2014. Our mission is to continue his fight by raising rare cancer awareness, helping families currently dealing with cancer, and pushing for more medical research on rare cancer types.

    We are hosting our first major fundraiser, Basant Mela, on Saturday, March 28, 2015. We hoped that you could help us by promoting his cause on-air. We would like to offer 2 complimentary tickets to be given away during your show and would also like to work with you to create a promotional discount available only to your listeners.

    Also, I can forward you a flyer regarding the event. Please feel free to reply to this e-mail or call (407) 800-1947. Thank you!


    Neerala Tiwary
    Secretary and Sister
    Basant’s Fight for Rare Cancer Awareness, Inc.

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