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Station Manager Rayshaun Wagner
Music Director Karina Andujar
Programming Director Carter Richard
Promotions Director Max Rock
Production Director Smith Sanders
Chief Operator Greg Golden


Send music submissions to:

1000 Holt Ave #2745
Winter Park, FL, 32789

Contact a DJ to make a request at: 407-646-2915
Our office phone is 407-646-2241. Summer hours are 12pm-3pm

2 Responses

  1. Jess touchstone
    Jess touchstone at · Reply

    I was listening in and just heard Mecca (sp?) talk about butoh dance and I’m so inspired to hear of someone else that is trained in the artform! I’ve trained in the technique myself and I just wanted to reach out and get her name or email.

    Thanks guys, keep up the awesome work!

    Oh wait also, I’m gonna be a vendor at FOXFEST this weekend and I wanted to see if you guys were giving tickets to vendors to sell in shop?

    Thanks again,

  2. Ellie Warner
    Ellie Warner at · Reply

    Happened to catch parts of Friday afternoon (May 1), 2:20 to about 4:30 off and on. Great and interesting music. Curious about it.

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