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Rollins President Grant Cornwell interviewed September, 2016

Rollins President Grant Cornwell talks about the incoming first-year class, his tour to share the college’s vision with alumni nationwide, and the integration of a refugee family into the campus community.  

Freudian Quips Episode 29: Defense Mechanisms And You

In this episode, the Docs get defensive … really defensive! Listen in as we talk about what defense mechanisms are, how they keep us from facing our realities and how to know if your defense mechanisms are actually mature.  

Freudian Quips Episode 28: Other People’s People Film

Join us as FQ interviews the producers of the masterfully provocative short film, Other people’s People, about love and infidelity. Hear how the producers came up with their inspirations for their characters and story.  

Freudian Quips Episode 27: Sex Addiction

Ever wonder how much is too much? Find out as FQ talks with Faith Niece Koch, an associate sex addictions therapist, about sexual addition.  

Freudian Quips Episode 26: Making Love

In Episode 26, Freudian Quips is making love, but first get your mind out of the gutter. Listen in as the Docs navigate the world of falling in love and discuss how we use our love languages to communicate with our partners and loved one. We hope you love it! Love, FQ  

Freudian Quips Episode 25: BDSM

FQ talks with Master Cecile and Darcy, owners of Orlando’s public dungeon the Woodshed, about kinky sex. Listen as they discuss BDSM culture and how their identification with the colors red and blue brought them together as a perfect match.  

Freudian Quips Episode 24: So You Want To Be A Counselor

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a student in a counseling program? Then listen to the final episode in our series on the counseling profession. In this episode the docs talk to two current students who share their personal experiences as students in our Master of Art in Clinical Mental Health…
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Freudian Quips Episode 23: So You Want To Be A Client

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a client in counseling? Well, look no further! In this episode the docs talk to two current students who share their personal experiences and journeys through counseling.  

Freudian Quips Episode 22: Paging Doctor Us

In this episode, the Docs answer questions from our listeners in what we term a “Doctors’ Notes Supreme” segment. Our listeners’ questions focus on relationships including intimacy, emotions, empathy, identity and all the stuff that makes up relational dynamics. Listen in and don’t forget to send in a question of your own!  

Freudian Quips Episode 21: An Intimate Talk With Momma

FQ has an intimate discussion with Worthie aka celebrated female impersonator, Momma, regarding her personal journey to health and happiness. Also, FQ is 21 episodes old! We can finally drink … more water in the studio. Connect with Momma on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Momma/81807421836