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Category: A Dialogue With Voice

A Dialogue with VOICE – Problems with Hearing

Hearing loss is a common problem caused by noise, aging, disease, and heredity. Hearing is a complex sense involving both the ear’s ability to detect sounds and the brain’s ability to interpret those sounds, including the sounds of speech. Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults. Approximately 17 percent, or…
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A Dialogue with VOICE – The RCLL – Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning

The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning (RCLL) at the Hamilton Holt School offers a number of innovative programs aligned with the college’s guiding principles of excellence, innovation and community. These classes are for people age 50+, with no test, no finals! Dr. Jill Norburn, Director of the RCLL, talks about some of the interesting classes…
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A Dialogue with Voice – Filling in the Breach

“Don’t throw away that food” a sentence we all heard and a lesson learned from our parents. Kelley Wilson learned that lesson better than others. The former Sorority Chef, affectionately known as Chef Kelly, saw that leftovers were going unused and she knew some hungry people so she connected the food with the need. And…
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A Dialogue with Voice – Q. What is Hospice?

A. Hospice is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatments. A. And so much more… We all think we know about Hospice, but there is so much mis-information and myths about Hospice: myths like Hospice is…
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A Dialogue with Voice – The Sustainability of Winter Park

Who continues to strive to make Winter Park a clean, green and beautiful place to live, work and play? That would be the City of Winter Park’s Sustainability Division! In studio, we have Kris Stenger, Assistant Director, Building & Permitting Services, along with Vanessa Balta Cook, Sustainability & Permitting Planner and Agnieszka Tarnawska & John…
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A Dialogue with Voice: The Share My Story Hour

The Share My Story Hour can be heard the third Wednesday of each month, as Michael Laderman, CEO of Share My Story, and co-host Bob McKinlay bring to life the true stories of seniors, veterans, families, and businesses and the people behind them. Mark Pulaski, Executive Director of Brookdale Senior Living Solutions – Lake Orienta,…
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A Dialogue with VOICE – Volunteers Organized In Community Engagement

The RCLL-VOICE is a unique educational and service program that utilizes the special talents of older adult volunteers in Central Florida to address local community issues such as making communities more age-friendly, reducing health disparities, and addressing food insecurity among community residents. Volunteers teach children healthy habits, will train to be more involved in community…
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A Dialogue with VOICE – Share the Care

SHARE the CARE™, Inc. helps families because, as one of their clients so wisely said, they “don’t want the caregiver to wear out before their loved one does.” When the need for practical, physical and emotional support is continuous, it can be difficult to do alone, no matter how much you love the person needing…
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