A Dialogue with VOICE 11/19/2014

​​​​​Tune in to A Dialogue with VOICE on Rollins WPRK 91.5fm, Wednesday morning, 9a-10am. The topic is Aging In Place.

“Aging in Place” refers to living where you have lived for years, in the home of your choice, safely and independently as you get older.

Village to Village Network is a national peer to peer network, assisting communities across the country establish and effectively manage aging in place community organizations. Jane Nyce will speak about how this concept is flourishing across the nation.

Neighbors Network is the local Aging in Place organization assisting residents right here in our local community with services and conveniences that allow them to continue living and thriving in their own homes and ‘age/live’ in place. Mary T. Scott from Neighbors Network will join us in studio to talk about how we can all become involved in this wonderful network.

A Dialogue with VOICE 11/12/2014

Tune in to A Dialogue with VOICE on Rollins WPRK 91.5fm, Wednesday morning, 9a-10am. The topic is Our Confusing Foods.

Whether through popular media or at the local grocery store, we have all heard the new food terminology: organic, local, gluten-free, all-natural, fair trade etc.

Alex Stringfellow, ‎Sustainability Specialist and Urban Systems Consultant, will touch on the topic of the existing food system from farm to table and clarify some of these misused and abused terms. He will also supply tips to help you navigate your local grocery with confidence and improve your health through informed food choices.

A Dialogue with VOICE 10/15/2014

Rollins Senior Tars explore issues and opportunities for Central Florida’s 50-and-over population. This episode covered Public Health, current health crisis and the development of the Alliance for Aging Research with one of the founders, Congressman Alan Grayson. Also, Dr. Chet Evans talked about the local public health atmosphere.