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A Dialogue with VOICE – The RCLL – Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning

The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning (RCLL) at the Hamilton Holt School offers a number of innovative programs aligned with the college’s guiding principles of excellence, innovation and community. These classes are for people age 50+, with no test, no finals! Dr. Jill Norburn, Director of the RCLL, talks about some of the interesting classes…
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Cool Benefits of Music

WPRK 91.5 may be the Best in Basement Radio, but did you know that there are a lot of benefits of listening to music? Music Can Help You Focus There are multiple studies that have shown the positive effects of music on your concentration. Not only does music keep your mind sharp while performing a…
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July Playlist

Check out this month’s playlist.

A Dialogue with Voice – Filling in the Breach

“Don’t throw away that food” a sentence we all heard and a lesson learned from our parents. Kelley Wilson learned that lesson better than others. The former Sorority Chef, affectionately known as Chef Kelly, saw that leftovers were going unused and she knew some hungry people so she connected the food with the need. And…
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