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Month: September 2015

Freudian Quips Episode 7: Lost in Trustlation

Listen in as the Docs dedicate an entire episode to FQ’s “Doctor’s Notes” segment – where they discuss and navigate listeners’ questions. This episode focuses on a listener’s question regarding infidelity in their current relationship.  

A Dialogue with VOICE with Neighbors Network

“Aging in Place” refers to living where you have lived for years, in the home of your choice, safely and independently, as you get older. Neighbors Network is the local Aging in Place organization assisting residents right here in our local community with services and conveniences that allow them to continue living and thriving in…
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Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary interviewed on Into the Universe

Winter Park Mayor Steve Leary was interviewed on Constitution Day 2015 by Karina Andujar, WPRK’s music director and host of Into the Universe. Find out the mayor’s favorite Amendment and how Winter Park citizens can get involved in their city!  

Freudian Quips Episode 6: Dysfunctional Relationships

Listen to the final part of the Freudian Quip’s series on The Darker Side of Relationships.  This episode focuses on dysfunctional relationships; how do you know you are in one and how to get out of it.  

A Dialogue with VOICE

New technology trends and developments in wearable devices are making a dramatic impact on health and wellness among all Americans. The vast array of available tech tools and options, whether it’s wearable technology or the new smart homes, can make it difficult to decipher what is valuable and how it relates to everyday life. We…
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Poet Carol Frost’s Scorn and the English Department’s Open House

“The third time this happened I thought ‘I wonder what Starling eggs taste like’–seemed too bad to ruin all those eggs”–Carol Frost
Catch all of Professor Carol Frost’s Scorn here, on WPRK.org and don’t forget to come out to the English Department Open House, this Thursday, @ 7pm in the Galloway Room

Freudian Quips Episode 5: Infidelity

Listen to part 3 of the Freudian Quip’s series on The Darker Side of Relationships. This episode focuses on infidelity; why do people cheat and what to do if your partner cheats on you.